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  • bella vista

    Product galati a reality sandwich before you walk back in that boardroom fire up your browser, so come up with something buzzworthy, for it’s about managing expectations yet baseline into the weeds.

    Auction Ended
  • Propetry in Zakynthos Island

    Consists of 113,661 sqm of land with two houses 93 sqm, 40 sqm and warehouse 20 sqm away from the sea 5 klm meters away from the sea. Τhere are also 90 organically grown olive trees. Two water tanks, internal 15 cubic meters in the big house and external stone 16 cubic meters. Unlimited & unobstructed view ,Sloping layout, Continuity with open, free space.There is no through-traffic.Direct service from networks of water-energy.

    Provides options for utilization

    either as independent villas or  as a unit of furnished apartments. This property is ripe for development and construction  and is recommend for effective investment for the selective tourism of Zakynthos.

    Auction Ended
  • Οικόπεδο Σπάρτη

    Οικόπεδο 894,10 τ/μ  με ερειπωμένη οικία 50.44 τ/μ στο δήμο Σπάρτης , στον οικισμό Άγιος Ιωάννης

    Είναι άρτιο και οικοδομήσιμο κατά παρέκκλιση. Το οικόπεδο δεν υπάγετε στις διατάξεις του Ν.1337/83 περί εισφοράς σε γη και χρήμα, σύμφωνα με τις ισχύουσες πολεοδομικές διατάξεις. έχει παροχή νερού και είναι γεμάτο πορτοκαλιές .

    Auction Ended

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